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Below The Belt

Sat, March 7 - 8 PM

Sunshine Cathedral, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Miss Richfield is coming out swinging and she’s ready for a fight in her all-new show, “Below the Belt”. Never shying away from a challenge, Miss R will honor the fighting spirit that makes us great! With all-new music, videos, and 

lots of audience interaction, “Below the Belt” will leave your

funny bone bruised and broken. 

“In these divided times, Miss R is tonic—and gin—for the soul”

An Outlandish FL performance.


Dedicating her life to the friendly citizens and responsible merchants of her hometown of Richfield Minnesota ("where butter is a spice and gravy is a beverage"), Miss Richfield 1981 is fast becoming one of America’s national treasures. Her live performances have received critical acclaim with The New York Post declaring Miss Richfield 1981  “the must-see act in Provincetown." and noting “in these divided times, Miss R is tonic—and gin—for the soul”.  In addition to selling out venues each year in New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Atlanta, South Florida, and Minneapolis, Miss R continues to fill Pilgrim House in Provincetown, MA nightly each summer, and  tours with Atlantis Events cruise ships and resorts.  

Miss Richfield's national appeal includes riotous appearances on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", "Today" on NBC,  "Cake Boss" on TLC, and “Watch What Happens Live” on Bravo. Currently, she is part of the cast of “Talk Show The Game Show” on TruTV, and a television spokesperson for Orbitz.  Additionally, she serves as a national brand ambassador for the city of Palm Springs.

What makes Miss Richfield unique is the combination of midwestern sensibilities with an off-the-page humor, stemming from her creator Russ King. A former journalist and Minnesota native, King created the character with a rich history that begins with her life-long goal of being crowned beauty queen of her first-ring suburb of Minneapolis.

Miss R has recently purchased a refurbished Apple IIe computer and entered the digital age. She invites you to join like her on Facebook, follow her on Instagram, and watch her on YouTube. And be sure to visit her at where she keeps a calendar of events and shares words of wisdom, such as her favorite Bible verse: “It’s important to be nice, but it’s nicer to be important".

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